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xroom.app ‐ Your Conference Room On Steroids

About the xroom.app:

The xroom.app (https://xroom.app/) exemplifies a unique conference room on steroids: videochats, webinars, screen sharing, recording, API control, remote assistance. We help you working remotely.

In essence, the xroom.app does so much more than the average conference room service provider.

You will be hard-pressed to use a better service than this one. Moreover, the xroom.app is a better way to connect and engage people online. The app provides great services: API control, recording, remote assistance, screen sharing, videochats, and webinars.

And, our app provides an easy-to-use experience that will ensure better meetings in conference room powered by the xroom.app.

For more information, go to: https://xroom.app/

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