Video Game Accessories: Nyko Charge Base Plus for Xbox 360

by Nyko

(Exclusive Offer)

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Video Game Accessories: Nyko Charge Base Plus for Xbox 360

About the Product:

Conveniently store and charge two Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers with Nyko's Charge Base 360 S. The Charge Base 360 S comes with two custom NiMH rechargeable batteries that feature special contact points allowing for an easy drop in and charge power solution for your wireless controllers, and two an extra long USB charging cables. The dual port recharging dock is AC powered, and plugs into any standard outlet, requiring no cables back to the 360 console.

Each rechargeable battery powers the wireless controller for up to 25 hours, and charges a single battery in 2 hours, or both batteries simultaneously in 4. The extended cord makes it easy to kick back at a comfortable distance from the TV without accidentally disconnecting the controller.

Never worry about running out of battery power for your controller during play again. The Charge Base 360 S also features a hidden USB power allowing you to recharge various electronic devices such as an MP3 player or cell phone making it an ideal charging solution for any home theater setup.

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Product Information:

● Drop and Charge design allows for charging without removing batteries

● Two custom NiMH rechargeable batteries provide up to 25 hours of play time

● Dual port recharging dock charges both controllers simultaneously

● LED lights clearly indicate when charging is complete

● Plugs into any wall outlet for rapid recharging

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