Monsters and Mothers: A True Crime Podcast by Bettie Wilde

by Bettie Wilde


Apple Podcast Overview: Monsters and Mothers, hosted on the Apple podcast platform, is a true crime podcast…

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About Monsters & Mothers:

Monsters and Mothers is a weekly true crime podcast hosted by Bettie Wilde Mothers who commit unspeakable acts. Delve deep as we unravel the turbulent bonds between mother and child.

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Samples of Past Podcasts:

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Breaking Up With Mom: Breaking up with your mother, so that you can be free from the toxic relationship that is preventing you from growing. Thank you for listening. This episode is super important, please share with your friends and someone who you think might need this.Follow to get notified of new episodes.

When You Aren't Ready to Heal: Healing is a process and you have to be ready and know the telltale signs that you are in fact ready. Surviving emotional and physical abuse at the hands of your mother can be a showstopper, this episode we discuss how to be a become a warrior.

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