Must-Read: Through Our Eyes

by Carlton Hurst

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Read Through Our Eyes by Carlton Hurst

About the Book:

Through Our Eyes illustrates what it is like being a minority, in particular, an African American and what is faced living in our world. The story is told through the lens of an African American man that managed to make it out of the matrix, but will never be able to escape the realities of how the world sees him and his people.

Further highlighting modern culture, and how contagious African American culture is.

But racism interferes making those comfortable stepping out of the closet. The story traces back to where a lot of issues arose, the way the system was designed, and how overtime history has done nothing more than repeat itself.

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Read Through Our Eyes by Carlton Hurst
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About the Author:

Carlton Hurst, the author of Must-Read: Through Our Eyes, regularly reads articles and books about many and varied topics when he is not writing.

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