Little Big Sister

by Jeffrey S. Roth

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Little Big Sister

About the Book:

The older sibling, Morwenna didn't get the height, looks, or natural ability of the family. Constantly in her younger brother's shadow, she left Earth to set up her own shingle on one of Britain's crummy colonies. Although socially awkward, she successfully brought the family's thieving trade to Kepler 22b.

When negotiations stall, the local governor seeks professional services to obtain sacred trinkets from the native chieftains by any means necessary. The professional in this case is the shining jewel of Morwenna's family; her detested brother, Benesek. Struggling to keep her place as a big fish in the smallest of ponds, a diminutive thief attempts to outwit and embarrass her hated rival, stretching her moral fiber until it snaps.

She may not have much of a living, but she won't surrender it without a fight. The oldest family scars run deepest.

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Little Big Sister

About the Author:

Jeffrey S. Roth, the author of Little Big Sister, regularly reads many suspense and thriller books when he is not writing. Currently, his books are available at Amazon.

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