Akai — Chapter 0 "How To Become Strong"

by Anfernee Robinson

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Akai — Chapter 0

About the Book:

"A boy that was born on a leap year in God’s Garden Society: must embark on a supernatural journey to defeat a curse bestowed to him."

Akai is a young child with high hopes; bound in a society full of undiscovered powers; raised by Grandma in the "Jex" helps him develop a strong will. He will one day, begin a trial to Heaven’s Gate. The journey is a troubled one. The "Black Orlov" chain opens unparalleled events. Will Akai reach his Ultimate goal? Or will Akai bend fate forever?

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Akai — Chapter 0

About the Author:

Anfernee Robinson, also known as AnimeBae™️, is the author of Akai — Chapter 0 "How To Become Strong". He is a renowned Mangaka that has created the hit series "Akai" after becoming a top Pro-Gamer in the world. The PG County native now Directs, Produces, and writes Manga full time and is the FIRST American Title to become a Manga "#1 Best Selling" title.

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