Must-Read: Cultural Diplomacy by Mosi Dorbayani

by Mosi Dorbayani

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Cultural Diplomacy by Mosi Dorbayani

About the Book:

Emerging from financial crisis, world faces growing social inequality, mass immigration, diverse populations, extremism, radicalization, and various forms of threats. Disruptive strategies, expansion of technology and digital communication are transforming societies — changing lifestyles and consumer behavior, which is affecting the balance of economic power, stability, and world order.

In such changing and volatile environment, the role of culture is more important than ever.

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Cultural Diplomacy by Mosi Dorbayani

About the Author:

Mosi Dorbayani, the author of Must-Read: Cultural Diplomacy by Mosi Dorbayani, , is a Canadian entrepreneur, executive adviser, educator, coach and consultant in international management and strategic leadership. He is author of 13 professional books, numerous articles and is a well-published international songwriter. His executive experience, leading and working with staff from 20 nationalities have equipped him with a global strategic understanding on the importance of cultural diversity and human capital.

Educated at Harvard, MIT, A.U.L and Aston, Mosi is specialized in International Management, Entrepreneurial Strategies, HR/Talent Development, Business Economics, Commercial and Contract Law, and is certified in Public Financial Management — PFM by International Monetary Fund — IMF, and is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources — CPHR.

His passion for 'personnel development' has enhanced many organizations, practitioners and trainees, and provided them with practical insights to face challenges of their constantly changing environment.

Mosi is also the co-founder and president of WAALM, a world renowned awarding body for arts and cross cultures based in the UK and Canada. Among his numerous recognition and honors, he is the recipient of 2002 'Medal of Excellence' for Best Assessor, conferred by University of London, Examination and Assessment Council — Edexcel International and three-time Mayor's Award recipient for best coach and instructor in Hungary, European Union in 1998, 1999 and 2000.

Mosi is an avid Martial Arts practitioner since 1976 and is known as one of the major martial scientists and influential outside Japan.

As a Goodwill Ambassador, Mosi serves several UN affiliated organizations close to his heart and promotes education of UDHR and Cultural Diplomacy.He is a member of Institute of Directors — IoD; fellow of Institute of Advanced Studies; The Academic Council on The United Nations System; and UNA, New York, and is the recipient of 2010 Human Rights Hero Awards, conferred by UHR at the United Nations in Geneva.

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