Must-Read: The Red Rising

by Rishi G. Sukul

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Overview: A unique fiction by Rishi G. Sukul…

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About the Book:

Baron’s time has finally arrived. The son of nobility, his quest to enter the ranks of the Huntsmen will be the ultimate test of his life, but nothing ever turns out the way we imagine. Dreams of travelling the world to rescue humanity from demons and unimaginable monsters have filled his nights leading up to this moment. Not everyone seeking to become a Huntsmen is selected and Baron must rely on his wit and the magic taught to him by the old Viscount if he is to succeed.

Worse, he suffers from the curse of knowing his Fate at the end of the quest. Determined to overcome the future by changing the present, Baron takes his first steps in a journey that will either elevate him to the Huntsmen’s fabled ranks or destroy him.

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About the Author:

Rishi G. Sukul, the author of Must-Read: The Red Rising, regularly reads articles and books about many and varied topics when he is not writing.

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