Must-Read: Squire (The Proudhill Line Book Two)

by Payton Cavallo

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Squire (The Proudhill Line Book Two)

About the Book:

Craeft Proudhill, an illegitimate child, seeks to join the Ascean Knighthood to improve his standing in life. Hoping for glory and money after a lifetime of poverty and shame, he manages to become a squire, one of the many sworn defenders of the Ascean Empire. He later joins up with another squire and forms a squad led by a knight, and they make their way to the city of Krasnolovka, only to find it under assault by the Lusus, magic eating abominations.

Helping to purge them from the city, Craeft is left wondering how they got in. Large walls protect the city, and the wards were supposed to keep the Lusus out.

Which only leaves one answer.

Someone let them in.

Craeft must find the identity of the culprit and bring him to justice, or the city may face another Lusus invasion.

One it won't hope to survive.

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Squire (The Proudhill Line Book Two)

About the Author:

Payton Cavallo, the author of Must-Read: Squire (The Proudhill Line Book Two), regularly reads articles and books about many and varied topics when he is not writing.

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