ShowerShroom Ultra: A Drain Protection Revolution

by Juka Innovations


Overview: An Anti-Clog Drain Protector Hair Strainer for Shower Stall and Shower Tub Drains from TubShroom Co…

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ShowerShroom Ultra: A Drain Protection Revolution

About Our Project:

We're proud to be protecting nearly 5 million homes from clogged drains, costly plumber visits and--most importantly--toxic liquid chemicals. Now we're back with our next crowdfunding campaign to bring you the most advanced drain protection solution ever created: The all-new ShowerShroom® Ultra. Tell your plumber to lose your number. The revolution in drain protection is here.

A Revolution in Drain Protection:

Our story began in late 2015 with the launch of our original award-winning TubShroom® Drain Protector right here on Indigogo. The market and user response was phenomenal, to say the least. We knew we had to keep innovating in the drain protection space in order to help our customers protect every drain in their home, simply and effectively. So we came out with SinkShroom for bathroom sinks, and Kitchen SinkShroom for kitchen sinks, and DrainShroom to clear virtually any drain. Now, by popular demand, we'd like to introduce you to our all-new ShowerShroom Ultra. Let's begin…

Introducing the All-New ShoweShroom®

The patent-pending ShowerShroom® Ultra borrows from much of the same technology found in our original TubShroom®. To provide superior protection to every drain in the home, we knew we had to tackle the shower next. Ask yourself the following questions: How many strainers have I gone through in the past couple of years? How easy is it to clean my current strainer? Is my current strainer an eyesore? Does the water continue to back up every time I take a shower? How much do I dislike putting my hands on disgusting clumps of wet hair? We addressed all these concerns.

Hair Is Caught Out Of Sight:

We started with the best materials out there to prevent rusting and to preserve durability. Our stainless steel strainer is made to last the test of time and it looks fabulous in any bathroom. The days of ugly and single-use strainers are gone. We've tested compatibility with a vast number of bathroom shower stall and shower tub drains out there and the fit was terrific virtually every time out. The concept is simple, but the execution is elegant.

All About The Juka Innovations Team:

In late 2015, Juka Innovations Corporation was started in Glen Cove, NY by Serge Karnegie and Solyman Najimi — two long-time friends. Serge and his wife, Elena, were fed up with their ever-clogging bathtub drains. You see, the couple had two young daughters and multiple pets in their original apartment, so it was no surprise that their drains clogged so often. Serge perfected his original TubShroom® design and, along with the help of Solyman, the duo brought it to the masses via a Indigogo campaign, which turned out to be the launchpad the fledgling company needed to go on to become the leader in drain protection that it is today.

ShowerShroom Ultra: A Drain Protection Revolution
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