First Mission Paris: WTF in the City of Lights

by Leone R. Giuliani

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First Mission Paris: WTF in the City of Lights

About the Book:

Refreshingly different and funny secret agent thriller with an overeducated protagonist undertrained in standard James Bond skills or attitudes…

» A better airplane novel. Not the usual formulaic spy story. «--Camille Mitchell ★★★★

» The author brings out a character that might put James Bond to shame. «--D. Meyer ★★★★★

» Agent Moretti is not a typical spy, but he is quite a typical Italian. «--P. Koren ★★★★★


In the world of literary characters, all superheroes are tough. Sharp. And deadly serious. They know how to fight, they know how to kill.

But not this one, not Enrico Moretti. He's just smart.

And he's a lover, not a killer.

When the news about a stolen list of Europol's crucial undercover agents hits the global black market, he is sent to Paris to retrieve the list, minimize the damage and capture the traitor. Cliché?

Not really. Because this young Italian isn't Jason Bourne. He doesn't know much about fighting, chasing or killing. But he knows something about seducing. And gambling. And drinking. And being a former police negotiator, most of all: storytelling. So when he gets a proper cover story, an unlimited amount of money to spend in the world's capital of love and teams up with a beautiful but dangerous black-haired girl and tough guys from Balkan's underground, his wild mission can begin…

FIRST MISSION PARIS: Imagine a mixture between a world of Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Lee Child, Ken Follett, Vince Flynn, Daniel Silva, or John Le Carre and a humor of Hugh Laurie (HOUSE)'s The Gun Seller.

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First Mission Paris: WTF in the City of Lights

About the Author:

Leone R. Giuliani, the author of First Mission Paris: WTF in the City of Lights, regularly reads articles and books about many and varied topics when he is not writing.

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