Must-Read: Number Three

by John Leonard

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Number Three by John Leonard

About the Book:

When the Lord created man, He decided to give them nine chances to prove their worth. Nine separate orbs in the heavens where they can cultivate their relationship with the Lord.

So far eight of the orbs have failed. Mankind on those eight orbs fell so far away from the Good and the Truth that the orbs they called home were destined to suffer the same fate. Eight failed miserably but one still remained. The last chance for humankind to prove its worth — NUMBER THREE.

NUMBER THREE follows the lives of ordinary people as they struggle to make the tough decisions of life. What they do not know is that the decisions they make are even bigger than they could even imagine. Those decisions hold the fate of NUMBER THREE.

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Number Three by John Leonard
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About the Author:

John Leonard, the author of Number Three, regularly reads articles and books about many and varied topics when he is not writing.

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