Must-Read: Naked by Geraldine Anello

by Geraldine Anello

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Must-Read: Naked (Truth) by Geraldine Anello

About the Book:

Naked, a unique book written by Geraldine Anello, is a must-read.

Page after page, Naked is a collection of deep thought-provoking poems that show you how to gain clarity — a collection of transformative and intimate pieces that touch on finding happiness within yourself.

By Broadway’s Geraldine Anello, Naked is an emotional rollercoaster that shows the heart how to heal and reminds it how to be happy again.

Anyone struggling with heartbreak, especially divorced and single people, needs a copy of Geraldine's book. Because she knows how important finding happiness within yourself is to you, you owe it to yourself to grab your copy of her book of amazing poems. Naked exemplifies the gateway to happiness.

Buy It Now:

The book written by Geraldine Anello is a real page-turner. To purchase Naked, simply go to right now and order the Paperback Version or Kindle Edition of the book!

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Must-Read: Naked (Truth) by Geraldine Anello
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About the Author:

Geraldine Anello is the author of Naked, is a unique poetry writer and gifted pianist.

Growing up on a French Island near South Africa, she fell young into the arts. She started writing poetry and songs in her teenage years, after playing piano since the age of 5 — which led to her career on Broadway.

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