Tell Us the Mermaid Story

by Beka R. March

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Tell Us the Mermaid Story

About the Book:

Mythical sea stories with mermaids at the center, can add Gem and her clan of merpeople to the list.

Roxie Thomas is a freelance ocean photographer who gets an assignment in New Zealand, and takes her nine-year-old triplets along. The girls look forward to volunteering and joining the efforts to help free a pregnant beached whale. They take advantage of the 14-hour long flight, and beg their mother to tell them the mermaid story. They love hearing the fantasy tale she’s been sharing with them for years.

What the girls don’t know, is that the events in the story are really a watered down version, of a magical time from Roxie’s own past. A past buried in New Zealand; on an island she hadn’t been back to in ten years. Telling the story again stirs up memories, and soon Roxie is more excited to arrive than her daughters are. But she’s also concerned about a phone conversation with David, her husband. He’s a marine biologist, and is already in New Zealand, working on a related assignment. David suspects something ominous might be happening in the waters near the island. His research equipment has recorded some unusual activity that could be affecting the sea life. Roxie’s biggest fear is that her old friend is still in the area, and may be in some kind of danger.

Through the grown up eyes of Roxie Thomas, Gem is introduced; a young, impulsive flipper from the Nesirkie clan. Gem ignores the rules of the merpeople and befriends one of the tail-less. What Roxie doesn’t reveal is that the young human girl in the story is the least of the merpeople’s problems that summer.

With this book, the stage is set, and readers get acquainted with the beliefs, philosophies, and goings on in the merworld, as described by Gem, via her human friend.

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Tell Us the Mermaid Story

About the Author:

Beka R. March, the author of Tell Us the Mermaid Story, is a Southern California bred debut fantasy author. Her escape from the reality of a harsh life as a child was typically by means of a good book; one that takes you somewhere else, somewhere unreal. That is why Beka is: "Always and eternally grateful for myths, legends, and folklore; the stuff that fantasy is made of." Her current writing focus is on mermaids and creating a whole new world of merpeople — the Merquaticans.

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