Mitolux: A Unique Transformative Light Therapy

by Mitolux

(Exclusive Offer)

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About this Offer:

This high-powered device has a total of 60 medical grade 660nm and 850nm LEDs. These are the specific wavelengths that have been clinically demonstrated to promote a wide array of therapeutic benefits.

Mitolux STAR is part of the new Frontier Collection. It has a higher irradiance, has a timer, touch panel and a remote control function.

Product Information:

● USD 349.99

● Warranty: 2 years (but LEDs typically last more than 50,000 hours of use)

● Shipping Dimensions: 38X32cm

● Shipping Weight: 5.3KG

● No. of LEDs: 60

● Plug type: B (3 pins)

● Wavelengths: 660nm (30 red) and 850nm (30 infrared)

● Power: 180W

● Voltage: 100-240V

● Lens angle: 60 degrees

● Irradiance: >100 mW/cm² at about 6 inches away, delivering 90 Joules per treatment area in 15 minutes

● Safety: Low EMF, low flicker technology

● Free shipping to most countries

● 10% code for customers who sign up with their email

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