Hip-Hop Music: Listen to Favors by J'Maurice

by J'Maurice

(Exclusive Offer)

Introducing: Favors by J'Maurice, R&B/Soul music artist from Dallas, TX…

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Hip-Hop Music: Listen to Favors by J'Maurice.

Stream and buy the latest song Favors by J'Maurice:

J'Maurice, a unique hip-hop artist, exemplifies the perfect union… the merging of old school rap with today's R&B music. The unsigned entertainer based is currently Dallas, Texas.

Today, he has advanced his music to the next level of perfection… unifying the sounds of East and West coasts, the dirty South, and all other hip-hop regions of the U.S.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Hip Hop, Urban/R&B, R&B Rap mix, Hip-Hop/Rap, Dirty South

Moods: Mood: Intellectual

Moods: Mood: Party Music

Location: United States, Dallas, Texas

To buy and stream Favors by J'Maurice, go to: https://spoti.fi/34r7mSu

About the Artist:

J'Maurice regularly helps and supports many charitable organizations when he is not recording music.

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