Help Ignite Purple Phoenix Fire

by Pagan Fyre


Urgent: Help and Support a Worthy Cause…

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Help Ignite Purple Phoenix Fire

About Our Project:

Hello! My Name is Freddie Martinez.

I am a pagan and I have worked and been a department manager in retail for over 10 years in many corporate settings. I have also co-owned a service based company for over 5 years. I love the retail setting and believe it has called to me but not by working in a department store. I believe I would do better and help my customers on a much smaller scale, and more one on one interactions.

I would like your support to open a physical (brick and mortar) storefront for pagan and like minded customers. Space approximately 2000 square feet in the Hillsboro, Oregon area, on Tualatin Valley Highway. What I would offer is pagan merchandise for all ages, including books (new and used), herbs, apparel, candles, dream catchers and many more items. This would be on a major bus line as well as one mile from the nearest Max train Station.

I would like to open as soon as possible but also with covid-19 this allows me to put the store together and serve the pagan community if anyone needs anything locally sooner.

I am seeing a need that was previously filled by a store called Of Earth and Air in Downtown Hillsboro. Part of the need has been filled by Crystal Heart Books (which took over the space), however they offer only so much in the way of pagan type merchandise.

Help Ignite Purple Phoenix Fire
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Product Information:

The Nearest place to get pagan merchandise is either If the Broom Fits (Tigard), Moonshadow or The Raven’s Wing, both of which are in southeast Portland. I would like to bring back the love of a pagan shop in the area and have space for small pagan events, such as readings and even a small bazaar type event from time to time. I also wish to add some learning areas to the store so people can learn something every time they come in.

The store would be all inclusive for all from eclectic pagans, to Dianic and Druid Pagans. Also open to all people of race, color, ethnicity, sexuality, orientation, spirituality, and everything in between.

Using the funds I can get from community support and adding to my own from my current job, and the product, fixtures and wholesale connections I have already brought together. Some of the expenses include, rent of the space (approximately $2,200 month unless i can negotiate better), electrical, water/sewer, gas, additional fixtures about $2,800, and product, about $4,000.

This does not include the candle, fabric, jewelry, wands, staffs, or other products, I already have to put in and start this up. I will be doing an aggressive advertising campaign to get this kicked off.

I have already kicked off a website that will also help finance the storefront and add additional items people can buy and even pick up in store. I also do shows around the area selling candles, wands, cat pillows, and other merchandise to help.

I have seen the location and have a layout already planned with merchandise ideas already taking shape. I have also assisted three stores in setup of new locations and can easily get support in helping with setup to complete in less than 2 weeks.

I do feel a calling to this for a long time and hope you can support me on my way to continue helping myself and others be who they are. If you have other ideas or suggestions, I am completely open to hearing you out. Please message me.

Store to be called Pagan Fyre.


Make a Well-Informed Supporting Decision with More Information:

Looking for more information in order to make a well-informed helping and supporting decision?

To get more info, go to:

We Need Your Help and Support:

To help and support the efforts of this project, we make this plea for your help and support. We are raising funds via our GoFundMe page. With you help and support, let's work together to ensure the success of our one-of-a-kind fundraising campaign.

We thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. Any amount that you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,

Pagan Fyre

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