Brew The Perfect Coffee with The Parthaux French Press Coffee Kit

by Parthaux

(Exclusive Offer)

Overview: Brew really great coffee with a unique coffee maker…

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About The Parthaux French Press Coffee Kit:

At Parthaux, we offer The French Press, coffee grinder, and travel mug all in one package, and at a discount from the individual items. But most of all, it makes a great gift.

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About The French Press:

The French Press is one of the most simple and inexpensive ways to brew really great coffee. By changing the amount of water, the amount of coffee or the size of the grind of the beans, you can adjust the intensity, bitterness, and strength of the cup to your exact taste. AND this press is large enough that you can make just one cup or several for the thermos or to share.

About The Grinder:

Both professional and DIY baristas know that it’s all about the grind. Regardless of the extraction method that you choose to make your coffee, a consistent, properly sized grind is the singularly most important part of the coffee making process. The Parthaux Press is capable of a fine grind for drip or pour-overs up to a coarse grind for Frech Pressing coffee.

About The Travel Mug:

A Great Travel Mug should do three things: #1. It should keep your coffee hot for the amount of time that it takes to drink the coffee. #2. It should not let your coffee spill. #3. It should look really cool. We think that the Parthaux Insulated Travel Mug does all three, and very well.

Parthaux's Featured Products:

The Parthaux French Press Coffee Kit includes the aforementioned coffee-making items…

● Parthaux French Press

● Parthaux Coffee Bean Grinder

● Parthaux Travel Mug

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