Livre — UPLEVEL Your Business Book

by Yvan Paquin


Announcement: Business coach helps his acquaintances find the optimal solution for their businesses…

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Livre — UPLEVEL Your Business Book

About the Book… Livre — UPLEVEL Your Business:

Hello! My name is Yvan Paquin, the author of a unique business book titled: Livre — UPLEVEL Your Business.

Throughout my life and professional career I have always acted as a coach to help my relatives, friends and business acquaintances. Working as a catalyst in my approach with people, my focus has always been one to bring people together and get them leave behind their paradigms and their comfort zones.

Livre — UPLEVEL Your Business Book

Now, I am able to accomplish this through a good reading and or careful listening of the situation. This way they become intellectually and emotionally free to embark on the proper path that will ultimately lead them to find the optimal solution.

Being an expert in my field of technology, I can say that I am fortunate and proud to enjoy a good reputation as a mentor. I am often called upon to give my professional and neutral opinion to solve a specific problem.

It is with great pleasure that I will share with you the contents of my Book where I can pass on, some of my knowledge that will help you in these difficult times.

Hopefully my book or myself can become a good mentor for you!

Livre — UPLEVEL Your Business Book
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