Must-Read: How I Met You — A Novel

by Sri Chinnamatur

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How I Met You by Sri Chinnamatur

Update: The ebook will be available for free starting Febraury 21, 8AM GMT for 24 hours.

About the Book:

Akshara and Abhay come from two different worlds. She is kind and passionate about helping those less fortunate. He is ambitious and obsessed with building a business empire. They only have one thing in common: a shared contempt for marital chains.

While Abhay and Akshara do everything they can to avoid marriage, destiny has a mind of its own and the two race toward an explosive and unexpected collision. The question is: as rivals or as soulmates? With wit, warmth, and wonder, How I Met You recounts a timeless journey to love through self-discovery.

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How I Met You by Sri Chinnamatur
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About the Author:

Sri Chinnamatur, the author of How I Met You, regularly reads articles and books about many and varied topics when he is not writing.

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