Putin's Useful Idiot — Fiction-Historical-Espionage Thriller

by Kenyon Kane


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Putin's Useful Idiot — Fiction-Historical-Espionage Thriller

About the Project:

It’s Putin’s side of Moscow, but it’s 1984, when it all began, when it was the Soviet Union, the USSR, the CCCP, before the Russian Federation, when the hammer and sickle on the red flag meant something sinister and threatening. Back then, Moscow was fresh to Americans, and alluring, our culture, their culture; the first encounters spawned a romance of cultures. Then it got personal, from new comrades to new lovers, each of them wounded in their own way by their past.

But Moscow back then was a dangerous city too. Powerful men were losing their livelihoods, and murder was a common business practice. And of course, the KGB still used "hammer" therapy back then to get the information they wanted.

Putin's Useful Idiot begins in November 1984 when Richard Hart lands at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport on a hazardous duty project he didn't want. He carries with him, a dossier he doesn’t have security clearance to open, a map of Moscow missing most of the street names, five ten-dollar bills (probably dyed with invisible ink) and an American Express card. Acting as an independent businessman, Hart must close a real estate transaction with the KGB, rig the transaction to produce enough "black money" to bribe KGB hard-liners to retire, and get out alive.

A Fictionalization inspired by true events:

Project details…

Author: Kenyon Kane

Genre: Historical, Espionage, and Suspense

Interest: A Romance of Cultures — The Intrigue of Spies

Publisher: 3rd Coast Books

About the Author:

Kenyon Kane grew up in the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles before there were freeways. Born on a citrus farm, from these humble beginnings, he made his way into UCLA and on to its Law School, and wound-up working for two US Cabinet Secretaries. Over his career he focused on a particular type of offshore real estate transaction involving foreign entities, and he did these transactions in the Soviet Union, Grenada and Northern Ireland.

Putin's Useful Idiot — Fiction-Historical-Espionage Thriller
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If the surplus proceeds from the crowdfunding exceed $10,000.00, the excess would fund translation into Russian and publicity in major city centers.

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Kenyon Kane

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