Shop at E's Gadgets: Charging Dock Station

by E's Gadgets

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Shop at E's Gadgets: Charging Dock Station

About the Book:

Priced at $26.99, check out a unique Charging Dock Station Stand for iWatch and iPhone.

Prevent electrical short circuit with this Charging Dock Station. And, void over-heating and over-charging.

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Check out these Features:

Uses 5V,2A adapter

Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices

Samsung Galaxy S9,S9 Plus, Note8, S8, S8 Plus, Samsung S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge Plus

Samsung S6, S6 Edge

iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

Automatically stop charging when overheat.

Charges both vertically and horizontally, watch movies, listen to music, make calls or sending message without interruption during the whole charging process.

The LED Indicator light will keep flashing for several 15 seconds and then will be off after your phone is recognized. No annoying light during your sleep.

Without bothering to remove your phone case every time use the wireless charger, but case over 6 mm is not recommended.

Wireless Charging: Do not fit for iPhone 5/6/7 series.It is compatible with iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max/ iPhone X/iPhone XS MAX XR, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus,, Airpods wireless charging case and Airpods Pro, Samsung S9 / S8/ Note 8/ S7 Edge and any Qi-Enabled devices; No need to remove phone case unless it is metal or with credit cards on the case. (ATTN: Please using the QC 3.0 adapter to charge your phone with double speed. For more details, contact us).

AS Airpods Stand: Does not fit Airpods Pro. Ancient sycee-shaped design makes its more than a stand but A Luxury which has a collection value to match well with Airpods in a stable and elegant manner. Need to install your original charging cable for the Airpords wired charging case.

Easy to Assemble: 1.) Unscrew the big screws in the back; 2.) Put in your iwatch magnetic charger from top to bottom through the stand; 3.) Put in your cable for Airpords from bottom to top through the stand; and… 4.) Connect your the Mirco USB to your AC Adapter.

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