A Unique Read: Darkside (Trilogy Book 1)

by Aaron K. Carter

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Set thousands of years in the future, A Spaceman follows the escapades of a traitor to the human race throughout his lifetime from training as a Space Cadet to ultimately attempting to rule humanity.

Aligned with the alien forces, the traitor seeks to rule the humans and aliens and destroy the people he once despised, but he may ultimately destroy himself. Violent good fun, this dark comedy pulls no punches with a rotating stream of conscious narrative involving a few moral characters (some of whom actually make it out of it alive).

Ultimately, we know the traitor must fall and good must win out, but in the end, do we really want it to? Amoral and highly intelligent the traitor flouts the forces of good and outsmarts the human forces as they gradually inch closer to capturing him, all the while letting the reader in on the fun of unadulterated evil. An addictive guilty pleasure.

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About the Author:

Aaron K. Carter, the author of A Unique Read: Darkside (Trilogy Book 1), regularly reads articles and books about many and varied topics when he is not writing.

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