Creative Dating App, Improve Society

by Pursuing Compatibility Co.


Overview: Be a hero! Pursuing Compatibility Co. needs your help and support…

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Creative Dating App, Improve Society

About Our Project:

What are the Benefits?

● Help people find their soulmate

● Improve Dating with Creativity

● Improve Society

● Reduce the Divorce Rate

● Reduce Loneliness

How Funds Will Be Spent:

● App/Website Development

● Paying Staff

● Creative Research

● Other Creative Projects to Improve Society

● Helping the Economy

Hopeful Timeline For Funding:

The sooner we reach funding goals, the sooner we can get to work and help reduce loneliness, help people find their soulmate and other projects to improve society.

What the support means to me?

As the founder of Pursuing Compatibility, I have personal experience facing the heartbreaking reality that being with a partner for 8 years was not the right fit, therefore, this project is personal to me. Multiple dating and relationship resources are outdated, complicated and confusing for the user besides them being boring. Annamarie's goal is to create a super creative, revolutionary experience for users to provide hope and enlightenment for finding one's soulmate, reduce fears of divorce, bring fun and creativity for users and improve society.

Magnitude of Gratitude:

This project means the world to me and I would be incredibly grateful for any support from anybody that supports my dreams and goals to bring forth a new experience for users. This project is not only good for improving dating and one's love life but it is also for improving society and helping bring people closer together.

Creative Dating App, Improve Society
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Make a Well-Informed Supporting Decision with More Information:

Looking for more information in order to make a well-informed helping and supporting decision?

For more info, go to:

Or, go to our official website over at:

We Need Your Help and Support:

To help and support the efforts of this project, we make this plea for your help and support. We are raising funds via our GoFundMe page. With you help and support, let's work together to ensure the success of our one-of-a-kind fundraising campaign.

We thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. Any amount that you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,

Pursuing Compatibility Co.

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