Let's Go Trashless — Local. Sustainable. Trashless.

by Trashless


Overview: Trashless delivers consumables delivered in reusable packaging and that are refilled on demand.…

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Trashless — Reusable packaging. Refilled-on-Demand.

Who We Are:

Trashless is a new service from Austin, Texas based Lettuce Networks, Inc. — which runs a thriving, profitable, local meal-kit delivery service in Austin called Lettuce, as well as Loconomy.com — a hyper local ecommerce, engagement and logistics technology platform. Lettuce's mission is to enable people lead sustainable yet modern lives. Over the last few years, we have honed the cycle of sourcing sustainably produced local ingredients, assembling them, delivering final products in reusable packaging… then picking the packaging back up, sanitizing it and repeating this over and over again - profitably. This has set us up really nicely for the next major step in the company's evolution: Trashless.

It all goes back to co-founder & CEO Yogesh Sharma's childhood, when he and his now deceased mother, Savitri Sharma, would go grocery shopping in Delhi, India, Single-use plastic packaging was on the rise, and she would say, 'The world will be drowning in these bags one day. Why can't products be delivered in reusable containers, taken back, washed and reused?' Those ideas have remained in the back of his mind, and now, finally, with your support, they will become a reality.

Not a year too soon & single use packaging is everywhere, and getting worse.

Through ups and downs, we have persevered while staying true to our principles, finally finding success. This experience, core competence and Lettuce's infrastructure, marketing channels and delivery network in Austin will help ensure Trashless’s success out the gate, in Austin and beyond.

Trashless in Your Area:

We are launching Trashless in beautiful Austin, Texas, our home base. This will serve as a template for expansion in other urban/sub-urban areas — either company owned operations and/or franchised. If you’d like to partner with us to bring Trashless to your area, please contact us at info@lettuce.fm.

For more info, go to: https://igg.me/at/trashless/

Trashless is Better in Every Way:

For you, your local community, and the planet:

Trashless — Reusable packaging. Refilled-on-Demand.
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Make a Well-Informed Supporting Decision with More Information:

For more info, go to: https://igg.me/at/trashless/

We Need Your Help and Support:

To help and support the efforts of this project, we make this plea for your help and support. We are raising funds via our Indiegogo page. With you help and support, let's work together to ensure the success of our one-of-a-kind fundraising campaign.

We thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. Any amount that you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,


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