Concrete Clockwork

by Laura Breck

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Concrete Clockwork

About the Book:

Ex-military operative Lottie Nightshade is enjoying civilian life helping her widowed sister raise three teenagers. When a last-minute job interview turns out to be blackmail, her peaceful days are over. Lottie is given two choices, and the least deplorable of them is doing wetwork for an eccentric millionaire.

Philanthropist Dane Harrington has no option but to blackmail Lottie Nightshade. Dane was contracted to terminate a bomber who threatened to level a new arena in St. Paul, Minnesota. The stakes are too high to trust the time-critical mission to anyone but a skilled operative, and Dane knows Ms. Nightshade will not do the job willingly.

When the bomber realizes he’s been targeted for extermination, the hired killer is already closing in on him. The only way he’ll live to trigger the arena’s destruction is by stopping Lottie Nightshade.

Lottie feels the bomber’s cold stare watching her every move as the timer ticks closer to detonation. When he sets off a series of explosions and people begin to die, Lottie realizes she may need to give up her own life to end the bomber’s.

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Concrete Clockwork written by Laura Breck is a must-read.

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About the Author:

Laura Breck, the author of Concrete Clockwork, has written more than 40 books in her career, and she's very excited to have a new pen name, and a new genre — Suspense!

Her hot new series, The Philanthropist, features books that bring you Gripping Suspense Outside the Law. She's sure you'll find them as unique and interesting as she do.

When she's not writing, she regularly reads articles and books about many and varied topics.

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