Cell Phone Accessories: Cell Phone Mounts & Smart Phone Holders

by Aamazing Untouchable Deals

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Cell Phone Accessories: Cell Phone Mounts & Holders

About the BulbHead Universal 360 Degree Car Dashboard Cellphone Holder… FastBall Magnetic Ball & Socket Phone Mount — As Seen On TV:

The FastBall is a magnetic ball & socket phone mount. It's great for mounting your phone in your car, desk, bed or anywhere else you need to mount your phone. Once mounted, your phone can swivel 360 degrees for hands-free viewing.

The magnetic bond holds your device tightly and securely but it allows you to remove it quickly so it's fast on and fast off. It attaches to either your phone or phone case. The secret to the secure, yet flexible hold is the innovative grip strips on the magnetic ball that securely keep your phone in place. It's so strong that you can even use it on iPads and other tablets.

If you've used old-fashioned car mounts like suction mounts or vent mounts, you know that it's hard to find a safe and proper place to mount it. Often, you end up mounting them too low forcing you to take your eyes off the road when driving or too high and impeding your view of the road.

There just not safe. The genius of the FastBall is that you can mount it virtually anywhere on your dashboard or windshield so you have the flexibility to put it somewhere visible but not impeding your vision of the road.

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Cell Phone Accessories: Cell Phone Mounts & Holders

Product Information:

FastBall Magnetic Ball & Socket Phone Mount is a unique cell / smart phone accessory you must have.

Steel Ball:

Mounts to virtually any surface.

Ultra-Thin Magnetic Disk:

Mounts to phone, tablet or case.

Mounts Virtually Anywhere:

Perfect for hand-free calling, chats, streaming services, and more.

Perfect for Use…:

In the car, in the kitchen, at the Office, in the bedroom, and more!

Easy to Use:

Simply secure disk to device and steel ball to any surface, let adhesive set and start using.

Swivels 360°:

Adjust your device for the perfect viewing position.

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