Your Love Will Bring Hope to a Homeless Transgender Woman

by Ebony Lindsey-Bryant

(Funding via GoFundMe)

Announcement: Your love will bring hope to Brooklyn Summers!…

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Your Love Will Bring Hope to a Homeless Transgender Woman

Hello and welcome! We are the family and friends of Brooklyn Summers — a homeless transgender woman.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our GoFundMe campaign. You are very kind and generous. We hope to raise funds for a unique purpose: giving our beloved Brooklyn a second chance!

About Brooklyn's Story… in Her Own Words:

I'm Brooklyn Summers. I'm a black transgender woman desperate for help getting my life back. I lost my place. I didn't have all my rent and I was given the option to stay… Under duress, I was being forced to agree to a sex-for-rent agreement.

I felt disrespected. Insulted. Violated. I had to leave. I've been homeless for 2 weeks. In and out of motel rooms. Hardly any food. No hot food at all. No money.

Now, I worry about being attacked out here. I'm trying to raise $10,000. If I'm blessed to accomplish this goal, I plan to find an efficiency apartment for my puppy and me, pay 4 months rent in advance, which would afford me the opportunity to have more than enough time to find a job and put me in a position to save a few checks that would have originally gone to the first few months of rent.

I think of this constantly. I believe this would help me to stay ahead of bills/rent and keep me from ever doing this terrible in life ever again. I plan to get clothes, as I only have some boy clothes and I feel even more miserable having to put those on. I have 2 sports bras. 4 pair of panties.

During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, living on the streets is so hard and dangerous for women like me.

I want to live. I deserve to live. I deserve to be happy. Have a job and a little home to call my own.

I am so tired of being homeless: No more taking bird baths in grocery store bathrooms. No more not eating every day. No more worrying if I can pay for another night of safety in a motel.

Without doubt, a gift of 10k will change my life. It would be like night and day. Then I could be the one helping others instead of me being the one beyond desperate for help. If I make it out of this and get stable, I vow to dedicate the rest of my life to working for and in the LGBTQ community, MY community. There are so many of us out here literally fighting to stay alive. Please help me today with any donation. Anything will truly truly mean everything right now.

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Your Love Will Bring Hope to a Homeless Transgender Woman
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We Need Your Help and Support:

To ensure the success of this project, we make this plea for your help and support. We are raising funds via our GoFundMe page. With your help and support, let's work together to ensure the success of our one-of-a-kind fundraising campaign: Your love will bring hope to Brooklyn Summers!

We thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. Any amount that you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,

Ebony Lindsey-Bryant — GoFundMe campaign organizer


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