Fyra: Welcome To The Mutiny

by Sunny Nicolette

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Fyra: Welcome To The Mutiny

About the Book:

Reed lets the dark anger dwell in him — will it overcome him, or can he master his inner demons to help restore normalcy to a world gone awry?

Follow a young man’s journey as he wakes from a coma to discover he no longer resides in the present, but his soul has been transported 175 years into the future… everything he knew and loved is gone. Thrust into a rebel training camp called "The Mutiny," Reed Stryker quickly discovers this world is far more supernatural and dangerous as he struggles to claim his place in life.

With each twist and turn, the stern and serious Reed learns he has to completely lose himself to truly find himself all while battling the dark enemy and fighting a love he cannot suppress.

Little does he know, fate directs every action for the greater good — his rebirth in this lifetime is no coincidence, but of a higher purpose. Traveling souls, destined love and twisted fate are no longer fairy tales. This compelling story intertwines mystery, magic, action, war, love and loss into a unforgettable tale of a failure turned hero.

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Fyra: Welcome To The Mutiny

About the Author:

Sunny Nicolette, the author of Fyra: Welcome To The Mutiny, is a small-town girl who loves any form of art! She has a degree in communications and a love of words. While leaning about book publishing in her creative writing class, a subtle spark lit within her… over time — it grew. Now… it's a passion!

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