Must-Read Book of Poems: Mind to Eyes

by Daniel Malcolm

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Mind to Eyes by Daniel Malcolm

About the Book:

I, Daniel Malcolm, wrote the poems contained in this book as a way to express my thoughts, feeling and interpretations of events, Life, Love, Sorrow, Pain, Joy, and Happiness.

The way I write is in a fashion that allows me to understand my thoughts and feelings, it just happens to make it easy for a child to understand too. My intent always when I am writing is to try to keep it simple and if possible fun. Most importantly my focus is to make my writings understandable. Now don't get me wrong I can make it understandable, that does not mean it will always make sense to you. It is my hope that someone will be able to relate to one or more of these poems. I am also hoping one or two might make you smile.

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Mind to Eyes by Daniel Malcolm

About the Author:

Daniel Malcolm is an author of poetry and an upcoming self-help book.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Dan began writing from a very young age. He gleans inspiration to write poetry from events and relationships that surround his life. Dan’s writing allows him to process his thoughts while expressing himself and focusing on big themes like love, joy, and sorrow.

A business consultant by day, Dan lives out his rock star fantasy by night, playing drums (Rock is his preferred genre), and/or playing bass guitar (although not very well yet). Dan’s most important job? Being a father to 4 amazing people. When he is not writing, rocking, or being a dad, he can be found practicing Martial Arts. Dan strives to be the best person he can, and does his best to help others.

From a writing standpoint there is not a lot to tell you, his process is pretty simple. Dan thinks and then writes about his thoughts, his writing can vary depending on the events going on around him.

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