Must-Read… Bentley: Volume 1 "Sharing"

by Argyro Graphy

(Exclusive Offer)

Overview: Special Offer and Book Promotion…

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About the Book:

A happy little hippo (Bentley) that helps inspire children all over the world, regardless of color, race, shape, gender or religion, to live in peace and harmony.

Bentley helps children learn key values and the importance of friendship, kindness, caring, sharing, acceptance, respect and gratitude, so that they can include all the individual enclosed groups of people to form one large united world, strengthened by uniqueness, inclusiveness and individuality.

UPDATE:This book is now available on Amazon. On November 12 — 15, the ebook is on sale for $1.99 USD (45% OFF regular $3.59 USD). Coupon code: LC58K.

More info about Bentley the Hippo:

Let an affable hippo named Bentley teach your child valuable lessons such as…

● Friendship

● Gratitude

● Kindness

● Respect

Bentley INSPIRES children all over the world no matter what size they are or their race or their color or gender to live united in peace and harmony.

Order Book at Amazon:

Kindle Edition Paperback Edition

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About the Author:

Argyro Graphy, the author of Must-Read… Bentley: Volume 1 "Sharing", regularly reads articles and books about many and varied topics when she is not writing.

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