Must-Read for Golfers: Master Of The Green

by Vic Preston

(Exclusive Offer)

Overview: Your Guide To Hitting Flawless Sand Shots, Seamless Chipping & Precise Putting By Transforming Your Average Golf Swing Into The Perfect… Golf, PGA Tour, American Golf, Golf Club)

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Master Of The Green

About the Book:

Discover how to make PERFECT golf swings with the help of this incredible guide!

Are you looking to become a master at golf? Want to hit flawless sand shots and improve your puts? Then this is the book for you!

No matter if you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, inside this book you’ll find a practical exploration of how you can drastically boost your golf skills and transform your average swing into the perfect swing!

Covering everything from how to escape sand traps to how you can improve your puts, perform seamless chipping and pitching, and improve your overall skills, now it’s never been easier to take your golf to the next level.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this guide:

● How to Turn Your Average Swing into The Perfect Swing

● Understanding Pitch Shots

● Tips and Tricks for Chipping

● Maintaining Consistency in Your Swings

● How to Escape Sand Traps With the Power of the Bunker Shot

● How to Make the Ideal Putting Stroke

● And More!

With tips and tricks, a wealth of practical advice, and accompanying images to aid explanation, this book is perfect for anyone who wants to take their golf to the next level and become the master of the green! Avoid common mistakes, understand the different strategies, and transform your average swing into the perfect swing today!

Buy now to discover how to make perfect golf swings today!

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Master Of The Green

About the Author:

Vic Preston is an author and a passionate fitness trainer. Having worked with people with disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, and High Intellectual Disability, Vic has a passion for helping people become better versions of themselves through fitness and self-development.

Vic enjoys volunteer work, traveling, sports, music, and art. He hopes to share his message through his writing, teaching people how they can improve their lives, their minds, and their health through fitness training. Being a new dad himself, he also likes to encourage and mentor new parents on how to maintain balance in their lives and juggle the different demands of life.

He lives in the Middle East with his wife, son Quincy, and two pets — a dog and a cat.

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