A Fresh Approach To Promoting Your Business: Custom Mugs

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In a world of cookie cutter promotional materials such as notepads with company letterheads, ballpoint pens, and fridge magnets, there is a new alternative that has far more impact on your company’s success with advertising: custom mugs. Of course, all of these items have their moments, but there certainly is a better way to send a message to consumers about your business. A message that says that your company is thoughtful, mindful of its customers and in tune with their needs. It also makes a statement that your business is ready to go that little bit further to gain a customer’s confidence and favor.

Having something to hand out that has a bigger effect, such as a travel mug, makes this statement with a wow factor that simply isn’t present when a prospective client receives a key fob. When are where does your team encounter the opportunity to give out such goodies? The chances are all around you to win over a new customer; it’s just a matter of looking for them.

Community Events and Drumming Up Business

The most effective way to gain business is usually through community events. These can be events that your business directly sponsors or events where your presence is welcomed for your company’s other contributions. These events come in the form of parades, charity events, local festivals, and even during locally organized contests. Custom mugs elevate the message that your business cares. These items are certainly going to be put to use by a greater number of people than a fridge magnet would.

In fact, because a fridge magnet or pen has as much sincerity as handing out business cards, you can feel confident that the gesture of offering a custom mug will go much farther towards winning over new customer and keeping the faithful ones flocking to your company.

Acquiring Business Through Offering Jobs

Custom mugs adorned with your business’s logo are not a typical choice, but when looking for corporate promotional items, it is important to keep in mind the longevity of the item and how versatile it can be as a free gift.

A job fair or career day can be the perfect place to give out such materials. People who are actively involved in the community are bound to take notice when their sons and daughters come home with a stylish stainless steel travel mug and it has your logo on its side.

It is, again, a way of showing that your business isn’t all about profits, and this can mean the difference between your firm landing a new client when the competition fell slightly short of customer expectations.

The Gift of Gratitude

Although gifts given out for customer appreciation can be quite hokey, choosing a custom travel mug can be an impressive alternative to a coupon. A client has already used your services and may have spent a great deal money working with you to achieve a goal; the last thing they want to receive is an underhanded ‘gift’ that is really just asking them to spend more of their money with you. It seems fake and can be misconstrued as tactless and greedy.

Discounts and coupons should be given to new customers not clients who are already helping keep you in business. Although promotional items can be costly, the returns should far outweigh any costs when custom mugs are used. This is because a customer who feels appreciated is more willing to come back than a customer who feels like they are being bribed into repeat business.

Keeping It Simple

Every client that is won over is another drop in the proverbial bucket, but having items at your disposal that are simple but memorable will see better returns than investments made into intricate three up fliers and long-winded sales pitches over the radio. The key is keeping it simple.

A logo says nothing but that you are available when a client needs you. The promotional materials they use should have a certain level of distinction that doesn’t come off as begging for money or business.

This sets off a chain reaction of questions that can ultimately result in your business being labeled as the operation in town that has to bend over backwards to pay its office’s monthly lease. Furthermore, people begin to wonder why it is that you have so little clientele; even if that thought couldn’t be further from the truth.

Handing out a travel mug is very different from impersonal tactics that those smaller outfits use to grab business away from bigger companies. It’s a simple and smart move in the right direction.

Author’s Bio: This guest blog contribution was submitted was submitted by the folks over at DrinkBranders.com.