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23 Kindle Books By Doug Erlandson, Ph.D. Sold On Amazon

Have you ever hate what happened to your mind after it is inundated with knowledge? If you answered with a resounding ‘NO,’ please continue reading.

The following Kindle books by Doug Erlandson, Ph.D. are a treasure trove of Christ-centered information with which to make well-informed life-changing decisions. Because reading great books often results in the acquisition of knowledge, it is essential that you check out Dr. Erlandson’s profile page on Amazon to see what interest you. Continue reading

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Rapid Growth Anticipated For Ebook Readers During 2010

Amazon has had a fantastic year in 2009. Much of the credit for that must go to the Kindle ebook reader family. The Kindle 2.0 and its larger sibling, the DX, have been a tremendous success for Amazon. The Kindle … Continue reading

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Discover The Quick And Easy Way To Start Selling eBooks on eBay

I hate it when I read the forums and I hear talk about that you can no longer selling ebooks on eBay anymore. This is easy for fiction books, which already have their own markets. And are a powerful and dynamite medium with the ability to expand your e-business. Is free to make and distribute. Continue reading

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