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Twitter: Mastering the Art of Online Business

Twitter is an absolutely fantastic online business tool, and it has, on quite a few occasions, staggered somewhat under the weight of its incredible growth – and sometimes, when a world wide news break occurs, “tweeters” from across the globe leap forward and crash their servers. It’s tough to think of anything that has had such an awesome growth curve as this up and coming social networking platform. Twitter didn’t exist at the beginning of 2006, yet today it’s ranked as the 25th most important website in the world by a number of visitors, and it has many millions of active followers.

Twitter does shatter the usual trends in a variety of ways, insofar as anything relating to social networking has an established “trend” of course. Twitter allows you to post messages, either through a web portal or on your mobile phone, letting everyone know what you think, where you are or what you’re doing. Your message is restricted to 140 characters or less, so it’s always succinct. You have the option of selecting who you want to talk to, and who you want to hear from – known as “followers” or “following” in the world of Twitter.

At this still early point of its development, Twitter doesn’t really have any kind of online business model in place. You can sign up in just moments and start “tweeting” your messages for free. Marketers take a long hard look at the viral possibilities provided by this service and they begin to salivate. All sorts of amazing opportunities await those who work toward harnessing Twitter’s incredible power.

Twitter is ideal for communicating news or interacting with your peers. You can send a message strait from your mobile phone utilising one of their readily available applications, without even needing to go to a computer. It’s difficult to estimate the actual number of users because of the fluid nature of the platform, but many experts do caution that the number of avid users, or those who actively follow and get followed, represents a very small proportion of the total user base.

Even though the actual number of really active users might be only a few percent of the total users, the Twitter platform can still be seen as having really great marketing potential. Internet marketers should choose to solicit their followers with caution. Whatever your niche, the first thing that you need to do is to seek out other experts who are regular “tweeters”. You can do this by using a simple search within the program. Once you locate these experts, take some time and apply yourself to figuring out what kind of followers they’re going after, because your job is to work toward adding friends or followers to your Twitter feed in a strategic and consistent manner.

As it seems that most of Twitter’s members don’t actively maintain their Twitter account, it follows that there isn’t any reason to add them as followers without qualifying them first. If you can see that the potential follower has an active list of people who he or she is following and, in turn, is being followed by, then they are potential targets for you.

Work toward building a list of followers by first following people who you suspect might have an interest in your specific products or services. If you have qualified them and you find that they follow you back, you are on your way.

While you may include your information in the profile provided by Twitter, experts recommend that you also design some kind of banner or template instead of using a regular wallpaper background. This should also contain your branding, logo and a catchy message of some kind – it’s something all serious marketers maintain.

Just as with any other kind of Internet marketing or website development, stay clear of spamming and keep your messages relevant, informative and entertaining as well. There is a time and a place for you to include your marketing message, and you must always do this in a subtle way. Happy Tweeting!

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