Top Instagram SEO Techniques for Businesses That Are Frequently Underestimated

The growth and popularity of Instagram have been so phenomenal, that even businesses which do not normally have marketing initiatives that are photo-driven, are finding themselves getting increasingly involved. While making your presence felt on Instagram calls for a creative approach, the presence of a well thought out strategy can surely help matters. Those who are familiar with the basic concepts of Instagram operation and SEO will benefit by reading up on the following tips to enhance their account performance:

Conduct Research on Hashtags

While most people would not associate a search engine with Instagram, you can invoke a search function by using hashtags. To obtain maximum views for your uploaded photographs you need to identify the hashtags that are the most popular keeping in mind their relevance to the subject of your photos. Instagram does not impose any restrictions on the number of hashtags that may be used for a single photo and users don’t have to worry about being penalized for using them unnaturally or for keyword stuffing.

You need to limit your hashtags to ones that are relevant but at the same time not too popular as you don’t want to get lost in the crowd of results. You can use tools like Websta to check out the most popular hashtags and also find out which ones are being used most in your location as that might be vital for your local marketing. It is best to use your unique hashtag though that can take some time to make popular, but in the long run, be very useful.

Conduct Contests and Award Prizes

Holding contests is a very popular way for social media users to increase their traffic and popularity. Even though the technique may seem common, there are a lot many businesses that still do not hold a contest to attract the attention of their followers so it can be very effective to invest some money in promoting those contests. Even simple and inexpensive giveaways can be very effective in attracting more followers. There is, of course, no end to using your creativity to design contests; you can make sure that you engage followers by asking them to post their own photos on a given theme and reward the best photo. If you are running short of contest ideas you can get in touch with, a service that elevates your Instagram account out of the ordinary.

Partner with A Charity or Non-Profit

There is always a tendency for people to favor companies that display an involvement with the community. Even if your business may not have a formal partnership with a non-profit, you can show your commitment by promising to donate a certain sum of money or a percent of your sales towards a cause that has general acceptance. You can also depute your staff to get involved with a community activity and also post photos on your Instagram account. You can engage into a community drive to raise funds for a specific cause. If you can work out an arrangement with a company that can complement your efforts, it can be a very good opportunity for them to share your posts and you too can give them the same advantage. This can work very well when both the companies have the same target audience but are not necessarily competitors.

Use Business Tools of Instagram to Advertise

For most businesses conducting a marketing campaign through Instagram is all about building an engagement with the target audience through the mechanism of sharing interesting and relevant photographs of how their brands are making a difference to the lives of people. After the possibilities have been exhausted, the next activity you can do is generally through paid advertising. Before you realign your communication efforts, you should make it a point to use all the tools Instagram provides for analyzing the metrics on how your posts have performed. Specifically generated for businesses, these tools allow users to gains insights such as reach, impressions, shares, engagement, and more for your paid advertising campaigns.


For your communication to be really effective, you need to understand not only your target audience but also be extremely familiar with the way Instagram functions. When you know and appreciate the various features of Instagram, you will be able to implement the concepts of SEO better and improve the quantity and quality of your followers.

Author Bio: Stan Davidson is a social media consultant working for, a site dedicated to providing service that lets business raise their profile of the Instagram accounts out of the ordinary.