Jimmy Page or David Gilmour: Which Rock Guitarist Do You Think Rocks the Hardest and Why?

As I mentioned in another Weblog entry, I deem both Jimmy Page and David Gilmour as two of the greatest rock guitarists of the past fifty years. Each time I listen intently to a classic Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin song, I am greatly impressed by the guitar work of each English rock legend. Both artists are true guitar heroes, without whose contribution to rock music would prove inconceivable.

When comparing both Jimmy Page and David Gilmour in terms of virtuosity, I conclude that the amazing guitar solo of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb) barely tops Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven)… only by an inch. Nontheless, I equally respect each artists, both of whom exemplify the best of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. Why?

Jimmy Page: I first heard Page’s performance as a young lad many years ago on vinyl album, FM radio and cassette. I can attest to the fact he is a top-notch act, despite the crappy Outrider album he released in 1988. What a shame, dude. Isn’t this the same guy who got his first break by touring with the late Jimi Hendrix?

David Gilmour: Gilmour is an adept multi-instrumentalist. He plays lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards, harmonica, and recently, the saxophone. The man works harder than the late James Brown.

Page and Gilmour are two critically acclaimed rock guitarists, both of whom are the epitome of the rock and roll music.


  1. Andy - Session Guitarist London

    You cannot compare two such different guitarists and reach an answer that is anything other than opinion. Both are legends and in the top 50 of anybody who knows guitar playing. But would they be in everybodies top 10 – I don’t think so because it is so subjective.



    The Weblog entry — Jimmy Page or David Gilmour: Which Rock Guitarist Do You Think Rocks the Hardest and Why? — is not intended to be merely a lame guitar survey for “non-guitarists and air guitarists” to vent their musical frustration online.

    I posted this Weblog entry to bring awareness to the diversity of rock music by posting this blog post about two of the world’s hard-rocking guitarist on the planet Earth: David Gilmour and Jimmy Page. As a guitarist yourself, you should appreciate the pure intent of this Weblog entry: fostering unity through the sounds of music.

    As a guitarist myself who has studied many genres, I can attest to the fact this Weblog entry is based on the merits of both legends, celebrating the life of each guitarist “born in different places on the fretboard.”

    Yes, any rational guitarist or guitarist enthusiast would indeed come to a different conclusion after comparing the genius of both David Gilmour and Jimmy Page. However, I am hoping that this Weblog entry elicit responses from people around the world, especially beginners and intermediate guitarists, those of whom are traveling towards guitar virtuosity.

    Nonetheless, I value your “opinion” about this Weblog entry and strongly encourage you to comment and contribute this Wil’s Domain, as long as it in congruent with the spirit of our community of bloggers and commenters. 😀

    Despite the difference of each musician’s fretwork, one cannot ignore the contribution both men made to the world of music. Period.

    In fact, I may post an informative Weblog entry about… Andy Galloway, one of the greatest versatile session guitarists/rock guitarists in the U.K.

    Take care, Andy. Rock on, brother!


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