How to Prepare for a Move

Every household has to move at one time or another in life. For business owners, this could be because of the need to change locations for such reasons as business expansion, strategic placement or merger. Whatever the reason or situation, one will most likely have to deal with moving companies. If the move is across borders, then an international relocation company will be involved in the process. The factors to consider are the same, most of the time at least, whether one is dealing with local movers in Edison NJ or international movers. To avoid those unpleasant situations that many people find themselves in, the following are some of the recommended checks and balances that one should perform before the move.

Prepare and plan

Preparations are the first step, and these should come way before the date of the move. Start with the simple things like taking care of payments being made on the property and subscriptions being received. All these should be cancelled and either directed to the new location or in the case of international moving, closed all together. Bills like electricity, water, telephone and internet and gas should be cleared and the accounts closed. This also goes for periodic deliveries like magazines and newspapers and things like milk. For those moving offices, they should make sure they notify all their clients and customers in advance to avoid inconvenience after the office moving service providers are done.

Inventory and records

The next thing to do is perform an inventory. This is a survey of all the things in the house or the property and evaluating their physical condition. If they are things that have to be moved but are in a poor condition, one should organize for their repair in good time. If there are any borrowed things, they should be returned to the owners. This is the stage where one decides what they will carry and what they will leave behind. If there is anything to be left behind, then one should organize to get rid of it properly. One can organize for a sale, place an ad for it online or donate it to charity. Leaving behind property in the previous location may appear in bad taste to the new owners. One should take stock of the valuable and fragile things in their possession during this time. For things of high value like jewelry, one is better off carrying them on their own.

The moving day

As the day of the moving approaches, everything should be washed, cleaned and dried. This is because not everything will be unpacked immediately after the arrival. Shelves should be emptied and cleaned. Before the move, one should conduct a visit with the movers to ensure that they know exactly what the job will entail. However, even after this, one should never leave everything to the movers. It is advisable to be there when they are doing their business to offer guidance and direction. One should help in things like marking the boxes so that they know where everything is at the end. The property owner should give direction with the packing of fragile items.