How to Buy Expired Domains and the Best Strategy for Using Them

An expired domain is one which has not been renewed. There are many people who forget to renew or don’t have the money to renew or simply abandon a domain because they no longer need it. Domain registrar gives a maximum of 30 days for the domain to be renewed failure to which the domain name will be deemed expired and will be available for purchase.

To purchase expired domains, interested parties have to place their bids on it. Typical bidding lasts 7 days after which the domain will be given to the highest bidder. There are many benefits of going for the expired domains among them being able to get a unique domain name and being able to channel traffic from recent customers that used the domain. All in all, not every expired domain out there is worth purchasing.

When considering an expired domain, there are a couple of things you have to know before buying it. The following points will help you purchase the best domain for your website.

Check DA/PA of the domain

Thousands of domains expire daily and there are many websites that lists the expired domains. Make use of these websites to make it easy for you to find the best expired domains. However, while doing this, there are two important factors you have to consider: PA and DA.

PA refers to the Page Authority whereas DA refers to Domain Authority. You can check the DA and PA of a website to determine whether it will be beneficial to you or not. When doing this search, make sure the domain has DA of 25+.

Check with Google banned checker

The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned money on a domain name that has been banned on Google. This means no matter how ingenious your search engine optimization strategies will be, you will never achieve a high ranking on search engines. Therefore, before you select any expired domain, make sure it does not appear on Google banned checker.

Alternatively, if you must buy a banned domain, which is not recommended, you can make use of the Google reconsideration request to request for it to be un-banned. Consider this option if the domain is too good and you feel you must buy it.

Check with Google AdSense ban

A common reason why most people failure to renew their domains is because they have been banned in one way or another. If the domain is Google AdSense banned, you can never use to make money online. If it is Google AdSense banned, you will never get the ads you need to monetize your website.

There are numerous tools you can use to see if the domain is Google AdSense banned. With these tools, all you need to do is enter the URL and click on preview Ads. If the ads are displayed, then the domain is safe to use.

Check Website archive

When searching for cheap expired domains, it is very important that you know which website was using the domain you are about to buy. You can use Archive to check which website was using the domain. Simply enter the URL then click on the ‘take me back’ button to get screenshots.

For how long was the website using the URL? What is the reputation of the previous website/business? Answering these key questions will guarantee that you get the best domain for your website.

Carefully check PageRank

Most of the websites with expired domains have manipulated page ranks. These are black-hat practices and you might be caught up in this trap. Checking a website using Fake PR Checker tools can help verify its page ranks. Don’t gamble with your money, verify everything.

How You Can Use Expired Domains

The five are just some of the things you need to keep in mind before buying an expired domain. But how do you find the right domains for your use? There are three strategies of buying expired domains.

1. 301 Redirect the old domain to our existing domain

This is a great way of using expired domains to your advantage. This is where you purchase an expired domain so that anyone typing in the URL will be redirected to your website. This option works best where the two sites are in the same sector or target the same keywords.

This is the least time consuming option of acquiring expired domains. On the flipside, if the old website had penalties or bad reputation, they will brush up on you.

2. Create microsites that link back to your domain

In this option, you use the expired domain to create a microsite that links to your existing domain. The strategy works best if the old domain is related to your site and it had decent rankings for your target keywords. The option allows for cross-promotion, more real estate in SERPs and more freedom on the microsite.

The problem with this option is that it can be time-consuming, the aggressive promotion of the existing domain may seem spammy and you will not benefit a lot from the old site’s links.

3. Overhaul old domain and run it independently

With this option, you update the content on the old website so that you sell your products or services through it as your own site. This option gives more real estate in SERPs and you don’t have to spend a lot of time in branding since the old domain is already established.

All in all, for this to work, you have to ensure the old site does not mimic the new site. The option is also time-consuming. Additionally, aggressive cross linking can raise red flags.

Your course of action when it comes to purchasing expired domains depends mostly on how much work and effort you wish to put in and what you wish to accomplish at the end of it all. However, the most important step, through it all, is choosing the best domain name. Do not select an expired domain simply because it looks good but because you have done some research and ascertained that it will benefit your online needs.

Author Bio: Rebecca Smokes is a content marketer for Intego. She also guest blogs on all matters cheap expired domains. She likes blogging and keeping updated with related domain industry news. For more information visit this blog.

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