Did Raymond Clark III kill Annie Le and why?

UPDATE: After pleading guilty to murder and attempted sexual assault of Annie Le (a Yale graduate student), Raymond Clark III (a former the Yale animal research lab technician) was sentenced to 44 years in prison. The prosecution accepted Clark’s plea under Connecticut’s Alford Doctrine on the charge of attempted sexual assault — affording the defendant the opportunity in a criminal case to avoid admitting that he or she committed the offense while agreeing only that the state has enough evidence against him or her. Sad… very sad!

Below is the original Weblog entry which was published on September 16, 2009.


In New Haven, Connecticut, the shocking news of the senseless murder of Annie Le and the unexpected arrest of Raymond Clark III has stunned both Yale University graduate students and faculty members alike. The recurring question on many people’s inquiring minds is:

Did Raymond Clark III kill Annie Le and why?

The moment New Haven Police Chief James Lewis obtained an arrest warrant around 8:10 a.m. on Sept. 17, I am willing to wager anyone a pair of ZZ Top Tickets and three stale jelly donuts that Clark soiled his Ivy League undies in the Super 8 Motel in Cromwell in which he was hiding from the police.


A fellow blogger told me that she believes he might have a secret, dangerous sex fetish that would have made even the late serial killer Ted Bundy green with envy. I concurred, at which point we bloggers decided to post an investigative report on the Yale animal research lab technician (janitor) turned “alleged” murderer.


Who is Raymond Clark III and why should we care?

To some people, Raymond Clark III seem to be the good-looking American guy, to others he is the epitome of the below-average American a-hole. The former animal research lab technician is accused of murdering Yale University graduate student Annie Le and desperately stuffing her dimulative body into a 2-foot crawl space behind a wall in a Yale University laboratory building. Her untimely demise has saddened many people around the world.


The Raymond Clark III Facebook photos in this Weblog entry are the same photos posted on his Facebook page, some of which showed the alleged murderer with his family and his fiancée, Jennifer Hromadka. Ironically, Clark is engaged to marry, too.


Because the murder investigation is still in the early phase of evidence gathering and fact checking, I thought it would be wise to avoid injecting bitterness and just state the obvious about workplace violence.

Hopefully, this Weblog entry will inspire many of my fellow bloggers and others to use our collective resources to assist the local authorities in solving this murder case. Annie is truly a great loss. In 2003, she and fellow graduating senior Mike Couper were both nominated valedictorians and voted “Most Likely to be the Next Einstein.” Annie graduated from Union Mine High School with a 4.28 grade-point average.

Below Annie’s high school yearbook photo, the honor high school graduate wrote: “I shall assert that until I assume the place in society which mere whim assigns me, humanity must advance but feebly.”


Perhaps a graduate student on the Ivy League campus saw something out of the ordinary. Perhaps an unsuspecting witness may have saw something of interest that would prove beneficial to police investigation. Based on my early findings on Clark, he is certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer. If he is indeed the murderer, he may have made many errors of which the local police are not aware.


If anyone in the New Haven, Connecticut area has any information resulting to the conviction and imprisonment of Clark, please contact your local police. I implore anyone who has important information to do the right thing for Annie. She was such an unbelievable talent who walk on the same plane as Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Florence Nightingale and Mary Anning.


If you are that person, please do the right thing for Annie. A person like Clark may have confided in someone about his most darkest secrets. Because you are willing to ensure Annie gets justice, you will never be deemed a snitch. In fact, you would be deemed a hero… Please call the TIPS Line at 1-877-503-1950


Annie’s death is very tragic. The slain 24-year-old pharmacology student was supposed to wed 24-year-old Jonathan Widawsky — a Columbia grad student — on Sunday, Sept. 13, the date on which her remains were found in the animal research building on Yale University campus, in which she and Clark both worked. Sadly, Annie and Jonathan’s wedding ceremony will never be held at the North Ritz Club in Syosset, Long Island, New York.


She never lived to see one of the most important days of her life… Jonathan and her wedding day for which she have been preparing days prior to her murder.


While Clark remain incarcerated after his bail was set at $3 million, many inquiring minds are scrambling for quick answers to many questions. Because the arrest warrant has been sealed, those recurring questions will not be answered until the murder trial of the affable Vietnamese-American student from Placerville, California, in the Sierra Nevada foothills.


Timeline of the Annie Le Murder Case

Here is the basic timeline of the Annie Le murder case:

  • Sep. 8: A surveillance camera recorded Annie as she was last seen entering the Yale animal research building at 10 Amistad Street at 10 a.m.
  • Sep. 9 Her roommate Natalie Powers later reports her missing. Yale University Police issue a missing persons bulletin.
  • Sep. 11: Hoping to receive information leading to Annie’s whereabouts, Yale University offers a $10,000 reward.
  • Sep. 12: Police investigators discover and recover bloody clothing in the building into which Annie was last seen entering in a surveillance recording.
  • Sep. 13: Investigators search a trash facility on Maxim Road in Hartford, Connecticut. On the day she scheduled to be married to Jonathan Widawsky, her remains was found at 10 Amistad St. in a Yale laboratory building. She was stuffed into a 2-foot crawlspace behind a wall — used to give workers access to plumbing, wiring, heating ducts and other utilities.
  • Sep. 14: Police state that Annie’s slaying is ‘not random’ The Connecticut state medical examiner’s office identifies the remains as Annie Le. Yale University holds a candlelight vigil for Annie that evening.
  • Sep. 15: At 10:16 p.m., Authorities converge at an apartment complex in Middletown, the residence of Ramond Clark III. Clark is officially named as a ‘person of interest’ in the case. The police detains the Yale University animal research lab technician. He takes and fails a polygraph test without a defense lawyer present to advise him.
  • Sep. 16: The police releases Clark at about 3 a.m. after detaining him to acquire DNA samples. Autopsy results from the Connecticut state chief medical examiner reveal Annie died from traumatic asphyxiation due to neck compression. New Haven Police Chief James M Lewis tells the press that evening that investigators are still waiting for results from DNA tests. Authorities stake out the Super 8 Motel in Cromwell, where Clark was staying after being released from police custody.
  • Sep. 17: After securing an arrest warrant, Police arrest Clark at a Super 8 motel in Cromwell and charged him with murdering Annie.

Justice shall pravail!

Due to the recession, I realize that the media no longer have the funds to send reporters virtually anyone on a moment’s notice. However, bloggers like me have a way to compensate for what the media lacks… collective brainpower.


Here are questions that the media has been able to answer. I realize that Clark is entitled to a fair trial. Moreover, I have been compelled to post this Weblog entry to encourage potential witnesses to tell what they know. If there is damaging information… so be it. As long as a prospective witness is truthful, let the chip fall way it may.

Here’s question that many people would like answered:

  • What was Annie Le seen in the surveillance photo carrying into the research building as she arrived for class?
  • Did Clark allegedly dismembered Annie’s body prior to his allegedly stuffing it into a crawlspace in the basement of the research building?
  • Did Clark sent a Annie text message during the early morning early morning of Tuesday, Sept. 8? Did he requested a meeting with her? Did he accused Annie of failing to follow protocol when handling the caged lab mice with which the two worked.
  • Did the police retrieved the data from Clark’s Yale University digital key card to trace his movements around the Ivy League campus during which time Annie was reported missing?
  • Did Annie ever gave an unauthorized person access into the research lab in the past?
  • Is it a standard safety policy of Yale University which would have approved someone opening any entrance door of a secured building for another student who may or may not have his or her Yale University digital key card?
  • Have the police the triggered fire alarm for fingerprints?
  • On which floor did the fire alarm go off and why?

I am highly confident that the New Haven Police Department has done a thorough preliminary investigation to warrant the arrest of Raymond Clark III. Only time will tell. Soon a jury will determine the fate of Annie’s alleged murderer. Contrary to popular opinion, I do not favor the death penalty because Annie was an affable animal lover who embrace “life.” However, I will wholeheartedly support whatever remedy the criminal court subscribe to make Annie’s family and fiancé whole.


In closing, I humble welcome any blogger or non-blogger to leave positive comments on how we can better honor Annie, whose life was cut short. Because I want to personally honor an inspirational woman I have never met, I felt obligated to give something back on her behalf.

At Wil’s Domain, I have tried to do just that: maintaining a directory of blogs, Web sites, tweets and RSS feeds which benefit humanity, which affords virtually any sane person with a pulse the opportunity to share their thoughts with the general public.

This time, I’m sharing my thoughts about Annie.

Each time I look at the Annie Le Facebook photos, I experience a heightened sense of loss. Many of Annie’s fellow graduate student at Yale will great miss the brilliant woman who wore shoes that clacked wherever she walked. In loving memory, lets all listen to “the profound footsteps” of the next and future child wonder who offers hope to humanity.

Annie Le, you, your genius and your “clacking shoes” will be greatly missed but shall never be forgotten. You was truly one-of-a-kind: pure genius. Rest in peace.


  1. ulisclarkjr

    annie le was a beautioful young woman who work to other people she was not selfish i didni’ know i like her family to know GOD WILL PUNISH RAYMOND CLARK 111 FOR WHT HE DID

  2. anonymous

    unfortunately the justice system is crooked and flawed. it’s unfortunate that even though there is a mountain of evidence against this evil excuse of a human being, raymond clark, they still do not give annie the justice she deserves. i bet you that annie scratched raymond to show us that he was the one that did these cruel things to her and raymond claimed that coincidently a cat scratched him?!?! his clothes were found with his dna and annie’s in the ceiling?! can it not be more apparent who did it? but no, we have a flawed system who upholds and protects murderers and thieves. i wouldn’t be surprised if all the jurors were rednecks or who didn’t even listen to the evidence against raymond, but decided to let him go because he looks like he’s innocent, he looks like he is attractive, he looks like a young man, from yale who could go far… but no one ever asked or looked at the evidence against him and the life he took away and no one cared about how this loss has affected those close to annie. no one gave her justice. her chance at life was cut short… i thought the justice system was suppose to protect the innocent… but it just lets the wicked go free. what a sick society we live in.

  3. Post
    Wil Ford

    After pleading guilty to murdering Annie Le (while avoided pleading guilty to sexually assaulting her under Connecticut’s Alford Doctrine), Raymond J. Clark III, the former janitor, was sentenced to 44 years in prison. Grrr! Only 44 years!

    If the members of his defense team “work their magic,” there’s a possibility that he will spend less time (if he lives long enough) in prison.

    Did Annie Le received justice? The answer is a resounding: “NO!” What a sad, very sad, ending to a sad story!

  4. so

    Thank you for this wonderful posting about Annie! I think the main question I would like to see answered is was Clark a member of a secret society @ Yale? Please investigate this if you are able as I think there is more to this story than meets the eye.

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