Are You Struggling With a Termite Infestation? Read This!

One of the most troublesome pests is the termite. These little, six-legged insects can cause so much damage and trouble in your home. They can chew on everything that is made of wood in your house for example your furniture and the wooden frames of your doors. Some of them even chew on fabric. Once you see long lines of these insects marching up and down your house, it is time to call the exterminators.

Who are the exterminators?

There are professional companies that have made it their business to get rid of termites. They have skills, manpower and the equipment required to come over to your house to get rid of these little pests. Beginning with a thorough inspection of your house, they conduct a thorough extermination of the termites. Their work normally has a guarantee of 1 year.

The technicians who are sent by these companies have years of experience and top notch skills required to exterminate the termites. Not only do they know how to find and exterminate the termite nests, they come up with the most effective plans to eradicate them.

There are a number of factors that determine the strategy that the exterminators will use to get rid of the termites. One of these factors is the level of infestation. Some sites normally have severe infestation while others have mild ones. Depending on how much the termites have invaded, the technicians will come up with the right procedure of extermination.

While going about this process, they will apply their special termite control treatment on all the termite nests. They also apply it on the furniture that they have chewed up as well as in the soil around your home. Exposure to the treatments that these technicians use will not harm humans or pets in any way. It is only toxic to termites.

It is always important to be environmentally conscious. Thus, the treatment that these professional companies use is made from natural sources for example Orange Oil. To keep the process as effective as possible, the technicians utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) steps.

What steps do the technicians utilize?

These technicians utilize a number of tried and true steps to eradicate these insects. They include:

1. Analyzing and inspecting the site

2. Exterminating the termites and treating the site

3. Repairing damaged items in the site

4. Preventing future infestations

These steps work towards eliminating the termites once and for all. The technicians ensure that they apply the treatments as deep into the nests and the soil around the site. In addition to that, they make sure that all the repairs are done and the site secured against future infestations. This is done with borate products.


Termites are easily the most common pests in most houses and establishments across the world. They invade in thousands and can cause immense damage. As soon as you see chances of infestation in your premises, do not hesitate to contact professional exterminators.

Author’s Bio: With ten years of extermination and termite control under her belt, Susan Summers is an expert exterminator. She has worked on infestations affecting both residential and commercial buildings.

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