10 Simple things to keep your dog healthy

Everyone wants a cute puppy to enjoy a long period of time. A dog gives you many beautiful moments and joy. But for this to happen, the little puppy should be happy. A dog is happy when is healthy.

To have a happy dog ​​and also healthy, you have to take care for it properly. Following a few simple things you will have a healthy, happy dog and always ready to play.

Here are 10 simple things that keeps your dog healthy:

1. Food

As it is said, we are what we eat. This is true also for dogs. Therefore, it is very important to give him only special food for puppy. The food must be specific to its breed and age that your puppy has. Only then it will provide the energy and the nutrient intake that the body needs.

2. Water

The water is vital for the body. The water is recommended after every puppy meal. We have to always put fresh clean water in his bowl. Make sure that the little puppy to always have water in a clean bowl and away from heat.

3. Bathing

You must make sure that the little companion is always clean. This is very important for both the puppy to look good and to stay healthy.

By bathing, you will remove dirt and germs that the dog’s body gathers on walks and gets in contact outside. These bacteria are very harmful to the dog and for us humans. Use shampoos and special care products for puppies not to damage the fur and not to cause skin diseases.

4. Clean his body

The whole body needs care. Comb the fur to prevent tangles and to keep it beautiful and healthy. By combing, you will remove the dirt that he has gathered during walks. Clean the ears regularly to prevent ear infections and diseases such as otitis. Wash the puppy’s teeth to prevent dental disease and also the premature loss of teeth. Cut the baby’s nails whenever needed and empty the glands if this does not happen naturally.

5. Movement

The movement is very important. A dog needs daily exercise, both for physiological needs and to maintain a healthy body. The dog must be out at least an hour a day. So will keep muscles and joints healthy. Therefore it is better to walk in a park or in a place where they have the opportunity to run.

6. Worming

Deworming is very important to the health of the puppy and for ours. A dog needs regular deworming both internal and external. Worming aims to the internal parasites and must be done every 3 or 4 months. The external deworming keeps the puppy away from external parasites such as fleas, ticks, etc. and the treatment must be applied on the coat every 3 – 4 weeks.

7. Vaccination

The vaccination keeps away the dog from a lot of very dangerous disease that can lead to the death of the puppy. They must be followed exactly. In the first year of life, the puppy will make more vaccines followed after the age of 1 year to do it once a year for the rest of the little companion’s life.

8. Stress

Stress affects pets and can even get them sick. Keep out the puppy from stress. This can happen especially when you try to train him. Do this calmly and softly!

9. Ambient

Create the puppy a normal ambient so as he can rest in peace. Do not subject the puppy to excessive noise. Do not keep the dog in heat or at very low temperatures, in the presence of smoke or other substances harmful to him.

10. Controls vet

Checks should be made to the vet regularly for check – ups and routine tests. This will help prevent many diseases and their discovery in the early stages.

Treat the dog as a family member and will be healthy, happy and ready to offer a lot of love.

Author’s Bio: This guest blog contribution was submitted by the folks over at Puppy Avenue. To learn more, click here.

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