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Wil Ford — a disabled U.S. Marine veteran and the founder of Wil's Domain — is a technologist extraordinaire with whom bloggers, Webmasters, Web developers and other technologist extraordinaires from around the world connect. A native of New York City, Wil writes articles on many and varied topics in which he is sincerely interested.

Inauguration 2017 Rentals for 2017 Inauguration Week

Donald J. Trump has won the election! He’ll be sworn in on Friday, January 20, 2017. If you’re considering to book a hotel or rent a private home Inauguration Week 2017, read on. Take part and witness The Donald take the Oath of Office in January.

Yes, Inauguration 2017 Rentals are still available in the greater Washington, DC area. If you’re wondering where to find a room for rent during Inauguration 2017, look no further? To find DC home rentals during inauguration week, click on the following link and use our free resource.

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Organizing Committees & Meetings

Most people who are active in their congregation would agree on this: there are a lot of meetings. From worship gatherings to classes, dinners, public events. And there are the numerous committee meetings required to organize all of these, and more. Continue reading

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Local SEO Services Review of The Local SEO Company

Getting top rankings fast is essential to today’s web-savvy local business. To illustrate, the local marketing experts at The Local SEO Company know many web-centric local businesses are struggling to get top ranking in the major search engines, and have … Continue reading

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How to Get iOS 7 Beta 1 + Download Link

I have recently claimed my copy of iOS 7! Whether you’re a developer or not, I love it and I would like you to love it too. I have created a unique guide in which I have included a download … Continue reading

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What Your Local Banker Won’t Tell You about Getting SBA Funding

My dad worked hard his whole life. With only an 8th grade education and 20 years of dedication in the military, he wasn’t exactly the poster child for what we now think of as an entrepreneur. He was a complicated mix of old school values and high octane risk, and at the age of 50, he started our family business, Quality Forklift Service, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

In his mid-forties, he was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease; however, that didn’t stop him. In fact, I remembered a conversation I had with him when I was in my twenties, and I will never forget what he told me about entrepreneurialism. “I just wish I had started sooner.”

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Similar on Web is a hot new way to search the Internet

One of the hot new ways to search the Internet is Similar on Web, a similar websites search engine which provides users with a broader access to a treasure trove of specific information and other much-needed content.

Similar On Web

Like Google, Bing or other third-party online services, Similar on Web uses a suite of proprietary algorithm and bot technologies for retrieving and returning enhanced search engine results. However, it’s a similar websites search engine which is a hot new way to search the Internet. The search engine proves there’s more to online search phenomenon than Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter.

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How to get Dungeon Hunter 4 Unlimited Gold in iOS/Android Game offers you the opportunity to use a unique gaming tool simply known as a Dungeon Hunter 4 iOS cheat. It is available in both a working and undetected edition.

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Fast and Reliable Top Marietta GA Locksmith Service

Best Choice to Select:

When you are searching for reliable and fastest locksmith service, then top Marietta ga locksmith is your best option.

The locksmith service provider gives only the best quality of items and trained to deal with all kinds of locksmith issues any day of the year and time of the day. It also promises efficient customer satisfaction with different range of locksmith services.

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Personalized Obama Gifts and Keepsakes by Sold Online, an online retailer of Obama related gifts and keepsakes features an unmatched selection of exclusive crystal, ceramic and wood products. These products can be etched or personalized with your name(s) and your choice of an Obama related logo designed exclusively for the website.

According to Kiva Jones,’s marketing manager, “We are offering personalized Obama keepsakes because our customers are asking for products that would last and would be a constant reminder of their support for the historic Obama presidency long after the he leaves office.”

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Spanish News: No More Excuses for Not Learning Spanish

Lately, the importance of learning both Iberian and Latin America Spanish (and having the total command of the Spanish grammar) has been recently discussed in the news yet there are many people in the United States, many of whom are non-Spanish-speaking Latinos, who have never learned the language. Continue reading

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