About Wil Ford, U.S.M.C.

Wil’s Domain Weblog, the official Weblog of (Wil’s Domain), is an authoritative log of the Web, from which interesting destinations are linked and in which the latest buzz is discussed.

Wil Ford — a disabled veteran — is a Weblogger and the founder of Wil’s Domain, a social/information network for the people by the people.

He graduated from Charles Towne Institute and attended Nielsen Institute of Technology. Also, Wil graduated from Parris Island, MCRD, SC and a product of the United States Marine Corps’ School of Infantry.

His hometown is New York City — a city permeated with millions of opinions, streams of individual thoughts and expressions of Free Speech — each of which he “faithfully” served to protect as a United States Marine, during the Cold War era.

Wil opines about green (clean) technology, geek gadgets, cool stuff, the military industrial complex, political corruption, the follies of Federal government, Hollywood / celeb news and various other topics in which he is sincerely interested.