10 Reasons Why President Donald Trump is Laughing at former President Barack Obama

On January 20, 2017, history was made… Donald J. Trump, respectfully called The Donald, has became the 45th President of the United States. Contrary to popular belief of fake news purveyors like BuzzFeed and CNN, President Trump has won back the White House for the American people.

Despite the collective effort of the political establishment on Capitol Hill, comprised of anti-Trump Democrats and conservatives alike, America’s 45th President has proven his ability to confront and survive his political enemies’ repeated efforts to disrupt his presidency.

The Donald’s unorthodox but highly effective strategy for winning back the White House exemplifies the presidential campaigning standard against which all future presidential candidates’ campaigns will be measured. Political scientists have been hard-pressed to name a U.S. President whose plan to win back the White House was more ferociously powerful than The Donald.

Because he became our 45th U.S President with no prior experience as a politician, many of his loyal supporters know that is an asset, not a liability. They know he will put America first before considering the problems of the world. Moreover, they trust President Trump because he did not take lobbyists’ money during his presidential run.

In essence, they know he is unbought and uncontrolled by domestic or foreign interests. He is loyal to the American people and the American people is loyal to The Donald.

If this were 9 years ago when former Barack Hussein Obama II were in office, many members of the conservative establishment would not have supported The Donald’s bid for the presidency in 2008.

However; the fact is…

President Trump will be a successful president who has taken important first step toward:

  1. making America great again
  2. impacting the future of the U.S. Supreme Court
  3. leading the fight to destroy ISIS around the world
  4. respecting the past and current members of U.S. Armed Forces
  5. preparing to build the wall and secure America’s southern border
  6. adhering to the U.S. Constifution
  7. protecting the American flag
  8. addressing and combating illegal immigration
  9. draining the swamp
  10. NOT spiking the Nuclear Football

Loyal pro-Trump Americans support The Donald. In fact, they always be loyal to the man who single-handedly won back the White House for his supporters. They know that he will make America great again.

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